8 Creative Playset Games

a little girl swings on a swingset and her hair blows in the wind

Kids are great at inventing new games and playsets provide boundless opportunities for fun, but even the most imaginative kids may need a kickstart, so here are 8 creative playset games.  

1. Super Tag 

Tag is a timeless classic, but have you ever played Super Tag? The inclusion of a playset turns the game into an exhilarating chase with countless places to hide in, on, and under and lots of routes to dash, and escape. It’s tag, elevated! 

2. Obstacle Course Competition 

Our playsets are designed with versatility in mind, featuring various elements for climbing, crawling, sliding, and more. Set up an obstacle course that challenges speed and agility, keep track of the fastest times. It’s a thrilling way to test limits and encourage healthy competition. 

3. Amateur Gymnastics 

Inspired by Olympic gymnasts? Our playsets come equipped with accessories perfect for budding gymnasts, such as overhead climbers and trapeze rings. Watch as your kids develop their strength, agility, and perhaps even their own gymnastic routines! 

4. Super Soaker Battle/Snowball Fight 

Whether it’s a hot sunny day or a chilly winter afternoon, a playset can become the ultimate fortress for a Super Soaker battle or snowball fight. The towers and slides provide strategic cover, making these games even more epic. 

5. Make-Believe 

Imagination knows no bounds with Bergfeld Recreation playsets. Accessories like ice cream and lemonade stands, as well as built-in sandboxes, offer countless scenarios for make-believe play. Whether it’s running a restaurant or embarking on a pirate adventure, the stories are limitless. 

6. Groundies 

To play Groundies, you need a minimum of three people, make sure everyone can fit on the playset. The group decides one person to be It. The rest climb up on the play equipment. The person who is It counts to ten while everyone gets into place. The Groundie (the person who is it) can keep their eyes open while on the ground. Once the Groundie counts ten, she has to find the other kids. If she climbs up onto the playset, she must close her eyes while she searches for someone to tag. The kids must be quiet so she won’t find them. If she comes near, they might move off the play equipment. If they touch the ground, she can yell “Groundies!” which makes the ground-toucher automatically It. If she tags someone while on the playset, they become It. Obvious dangers of this game include running around on playset with one’s eyes closed. Probably, a little cheating takes place with this game that’s a recess favorite. And if t’s not obvious, play this classic playset game with caution.

7. Slide Races

What’s better than sliding down a slide? Racing a friend on an adjacent slide! What if you installed two slides on the playset for exhilarating races to the bottom. It’s simple, fun, and always a hit. 

8. Swing Pong 

Swinging might seem straightforward, but it’s a fundamental part of playset fun. Here’s a swinging game we just discovered, Swing Pong. A ball is placed between and forward of two swings. Each person swinging should be able to reach the ball with their feet. After a count to three the swingers attempt to move the ball onto their side of the swings to score a goal. Here’s a video with the folks who originated the game.  

With these games it will be easy to get your kids’ eyes off screens and their bodies into the backyard. Childhood memories are made on Bergfeld playsets to the delight of parents and kids.  

Stop by and try one of these creative playset games at our outdoor showroom or shoot some hoops and jump on the trampoline. We can’t wait to meet you and match your family with the play equipment that’s right for you. Give us a call if you have questions