How to Purchase a Play Set?


Ask Us.

Pricing & Comparing: We have ALL our pricing online unlike most specialty playset dealers. We do this for the convenience of our customers and because we are confident that our product quality and price is unmatched in the industry. Our 56 years of knowledge enables us to compare our playsets to any other playsets that you might be considering. We are happy to answer any questions and do any product comparisons so you get the best product for your family. Just ask!

See It, Touch It, Play On It:

Play Sets are very difficult to review & compare online. Playset pictures online may look good and the price is good but the quality is bad. Mass Market internet manufactures cut costs wherever they can to keep the prices down and there margins up which greatly defeats the quality of all its components. Whenever possible "See it, Touch it, Play on it" before you decide to purchase. If this is not possible and you would like us to use our 52 years of experience to review a set, ASK US.

Does The Type of Wood Make a Difference?

Different companies use different species of wood. The type of wood a manufacturer uses is one of the most important variables when producing a Play Set. What wood should you consider and what wood should you avoid? ASK US

What Type of Wood Do Our Companies Use?

We use 100% All Natural Premium Cedar. Want to know what other companies use? ASK US

Swing Beam Height:

Swing Beam height is a very important variable when comparing different Play Sets. The higher the beam the longer older kids will use a play set. Some companies measure to the top of the beam and some measure to the bottom of the beam (6"- 10"difference). If you're unsure of the height of a swing beam on a set....ASK US

Brace & Main Beam Material:

Brace & beam construction will help determine how stable a play set is during play. The strongest braces are made from 4x4 or 4x6 beams combined with big bolt construction. Main beams should be a minimum of 4x4 or 4x6 construction. Unsure what other companies use? ASK US


Bergfeld offers a Lifetime to 10 Year warranty on all wooden components. When comparing warranties from different companies you should pay attention to the fine print. If you're unsure how warranties compare... ASK US

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