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60 Years of Family Fun

Bergfeld is St. Louis’ most trusted equipment installer. We’ve been serving our community for over 60 years, making lifetime memories by connecting local families to the highest-quality, longest-lasting equipment on the market.

We are proud to have installed over 10,000 playsets in St. Louis, offering customizable playground equipment designed to suit every family’s needs. In addition to playsets, we’ve been providing families with the safest trampolines and high-quality basketball hoops you can find.

We’ve been a family-operated business for over six decades. Our founder, Chuck Bergfeld, learned the ins and outs of outdoor recreational equipment back in the early 60s. Straight out of college, he opened his own business, Bergfeld Recreation. In the 80s, he began selling commercial grade trampolines, basketball hoops, and residential wooden playlists. Since then, Chuck’s daughter Christy & Second Mile Service have taken over Chuck’s legacy to serve the St. Louis community with top-quality play and sport equipment.

Unparalleled Safety

Our backyard courts offer you the safest surfaces to play and train available. Shock-absorbing technology reduces the stress on joints and bones during even aggressive play, allowing you, your family and friends to get all the benefits of heavy cardio workouts on the court without worrying about the long-term risks.

The lateral stability provided by our PickleGrip™ technology is unmatched, leading to better traction for players. Our DuraCourt™ line can give you top performance no matter the weather conditions.

We aim to minimize wear-and-tear on our players because our courts are built for decades of playtime. Our Triple Traction Tread™ gives you three layers of protection again loss of traction. With all this technology on your side, you can rest easy knowing a Bergfeld court has the top safety features on the market.

Our in-ground basketball systems all come with tempered safety glass backboards, which are constructed through a special process of extreme heating and cooling which results in harder, more durable, and safer glass that provides a consistent rebound surface across the whole backboard. This glass is the same kind used by NCAA and NBA backboards, so you are receiving a product that carries the full trust of these lauded institutions. The glass itself is then finished with a full perimeter aluminum trim, which provides one more layer of added safety, stability, and security.

The Pinnacle of Backyard Court Technology

Our backyard courts offer unbeatable technology for high performance and high durability. We offer 31 patented sports technology features for maximum safety and premium performance. Our technology is designed to revolutionize sport performance by prioritizing players; our design reduces stress and impact on joints and limbs which also helps to reduce fatigue.

Here are a few of the highlights of our backyard court technology:

• PickleGrip™: This patented polymer flooring feature allows for increased grip on the Pickleball court. It’s designed to give maximum traction to players for the safest, highest performance game possible. This revolutionary, high-grip material guarantees that balls will bounce consistently and correctly and reduces ball skid.

• Shocktower®:
This technology offers 16 individual shock absorbers for higher traction and friction with surfaces. This creates safe and effective impact control that offers great rolling load support.

• TuffShield®: Tough, high-gloss finish for a smoother, sleeker game (classic wood finishes also available).

• ShockLock®: This sports technology gives the flooring a necessary “give,” allowing pickleball players to play for longer while reducing pressure on joints.

• Full Suspension System: This innovative feature acts as a high impact shock absorber to reduce fatigue while playing.

• PowerLock®: The PowerLock is engineered to handle heavy loads and contains 16 patented PowerLocks per module. It’s easy installation eliminates the need for tools, glues, and toxic fumes.

• Triple Traction Tread®: This technology offers three levels of flooring for the greatest traction, so you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling on the court.

Professional-Grade Basketball Courts

Look no further for evidence of the quality of our courts: the NBA and AAU endorse the use of SnapSports brand basketball courts. It doesn’t get much more professional than that. All our courts are designed for high performance activity with the best flooring technology on the market.

Durability is a priority. All courts are designed with super UV protection, so outdoor flooring will resist peeling, chiping, fading, or warping. This is a court made to last, and won’t require repainting and tedious repairs.

SnapSports offers backyard courts for both residential (backyard) and commercial purposes. All courts are customizable and can be purchased in a variety of colors. In addition to flooring, SnapSports offers many options to customize your court including hoops, containment nets and lighting. To take your game to the next level, just add a DuraSlam® Adjustable Basketball Hoop System to give your home or gym a professional look at a price you can afford. The low-maintenance and all-weather flooring made to last for years makes SnapSports’ professional-grade basketball courts an obvious choice!

Benefits of Installing a Backyard Basketball Court

There are so many benefits to installing a basketball court in your backyard. SnapSports equipment is designed to fit the needs for players of all ages. Whether it’s for the kids or grown-ups, we’re sure you’ll love these courts for years to come. There are so many good reasons to get a backyard basketball court:

• Outdoor playtime for kids. Kids getting too much screen time? What better alternative than an at-home, professional basketball court? Having this in your home will surely encourage kids to get out of the house and get some exercise.
• A Great way to exercise. Regularly playing basketball comes with a multitude of health benefits. Research shows that just an hour of basketball can burn up to 750 calories! Playing basketball helps build endurance, strengthen muscles, and improve motor coordination, and encourages agility and speed. With the opportunity to work out and have fun playing basketball right in your backyard, it’ll be so much easier to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.
• Hone your skills for competitive play. Playing basketball is a great way to hone skills in competitive play. For parents with kids in local recreational leagues or junior high school/high school leagues, gifting your kids a backyard basketball court is the best way to encourage your little league players to stay in shape year-round. Playing on the court regularly can help improve their agility, concentration, and determination.
• Play on your own time. Tired of waiting around at the gym or neighborhood court for your turn? With your very own backyard court, you’ll be able to play on your own schedule, whenever you want!

Setting the Standard for Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America, and as industry experts, we are always staying on top of the latest in sports technology and innovation. SnapSports’ backyard pickleball courts are setting the standard in pickleball equipment. Older, traditional courts were made of modular flooring that causes the ball to skid easily, and poor outdoor surface designs that cause inconsistent bounce. So much for game time!

That’s why SnapSports developed a revolutionary, patent-pending formulation that resolves these problems. SnapSports backyard pickleball court technology is designed to provide a superior level of grip, increase traction, and work in both wet and dry conditions. Our proprietary PickleGrip™ material provides maximum grip, so that the ball bounces correctly and consistently every time. Say goodbye to skidding balls, slow, games and perilous courts — and hello to the safest, fastest & highest performance pickleball yet!

Benefits of a Pickleball Court

• Pickleball is an age-neutral game. It’s safe and accessible for seniors; it’s easier on the joints than other games and offers light aerobic exercise with a much smaller risk of injury than many sports. Pickleball is fun for the whole family and can be just as enjoyable for kids and younger adults.
• Pickleball is a great way to exercise and lots of fun. Pickleball has shot up in popularity in recent years. Many Americans have turned to pickleball as their most recent hobby — and it turns out it’s a very healthy hobby! Playing pickleball can help improve your range of motion, supports balance and reflexes, and lowers the risk of heart disease. Pickleball is also a very social sport. It’s a great activity for both socializing and exercising. With your own private pickleball court, you can have friends over for a game whenever.
• Play whenever you want. With your own home pickleball court, you won’t have to wait around for your turn at the neighborhood court or book a space in advance. Having a backyard court makes it a lot easier to incorporate the exercise into your day and eliminates the problem of waiting for a spot. SnapSports home pickleball courts make pickleball more accessible and private than ever.

Tennis Courts

SnapSports home tennis courts will bring the tennis matches to your own backyard! Play like the pros with your very own home tennis court. Our tennis courts are designed with high technology flooring for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. Our clients love our DuraCourt, a great, all-weather flooring designed for consistency and ultimate performance, and our Outdoor Revolution floor, which integrates many of SnapSports’ patented features for dynamic, multi-sport performance.

With a Snapsports home tennis court, you’ll be able to get regular exercise from the comfort of your home. It’s also a great way to socialize with friends and neighbors; everyone will want to come over to your house to play! Plus, families with kids will love the added benefit of a home tennis court to switch up kids’ weekly activities and incorporate physical activity and play into their everyday routine.

Volleyball Courts

SnapSports Residential Volleyball Courts offer a stable, durable surface for any backyard. The adjustable net system allows for customizable height, so you can adjust it to fit men, women and children of all sizes. Use a SnapSports volleyball court to play volleyball, tennis, badminton, or any other net sport. Our top rated shock absorption surfaces provide a safe, durable surface so everyone can play on the court harder & longer. The professional grade sports tiles come with a 16 year warranty.

A home volleyball court opens up a great opportunity for socializing. Owner’s of this court love to play games with their neighbors or invite friends over for summer tournaments. And children who play volleyball or other net sports at school will love having access to their favorite spot at home.

Inline Hockey Courts

What better way to spice up your home recreation space than with an inline hockey rink? SnapSports’ Residential Inline Hockey Courts use modular flooring with tiles designed to skate easily and smoothly. The courts can be used for inline, field, deck, or floor hockey — wherever you want!

SnapSports’ hockey flooring provides a safe and durable surface that is easy and safe to skate on, both indoors and outdoors. SnapSports hockey surfaces can take a beating, even with the toughest players. These surfaces are tough and durable, made to last for years. These professional-grade surfaces are designed for smooth inline skating and consistent puck handling to help you reach peak performance.

Commercial Courts

Our commercial courts are designed with your safety in mind. From rec centers to school gyms to stadiums, the quality of your flooring is one of the most important safety factors. It ultimately affects your athletes and how well they are able to play on it.

All commercial courts at Bergfeld Recreation allow for maximum performance, durability, comfort, and safety. Whether you intend to use the court for basketball, pickleball, tennis, handball, or inline-hockey, rest assured that SnapSports flooring options are designed to reduce the risk of injury with their high shock absorption abilities, excellent grip, and unbelievable traction.

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