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What type of wood are your playsets made of ?
Bergfeld playsets are made of Pacific Cedar. They both carry a LIFETIME or 10 Year warranty on all wood components to the original purchaser. Pacific Cedar has proven to be superior in durability, beauty, strength and resistance to the elements. Cedar does not contain harmful chemicals that may affect your children’s health. Its tight, thin cell structure is very unique; and therefore, moisture absorbs at a much much slower rate than other woods. This in turn, reduces the effects of decay and the attraction to bugs that may be looking for a home. Naturally Beautiful No other softwood has the rich beauty and deep grain texture of redwood and cedar. Bergfeld Recreation uses only wood from suppliers that participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Programs (SFI)

What type of site preparation is needed before installation?
Choose a location with a 3-6′ perimeter around all sides of your playset. Site should be level although we will level your playset into your yard. Our sets have some adjustability for unlevel yards. If your play area is more than a gradual slope then call us for a free yard check.

Can I install the playset myself?
Yes, all of our sets are precut and predrilled. Easy to read instructions allow you to install at home.

Can I add on to my playset later on?
That is what sets us apart from many other companies is our modular designs. You can start with a basic playset and add on as your children grow.

How often do your playsets have to be sealed?
All of our sets are sealed/stained before you get them so they are automatically protected from outdoor elements. We recommend sealing your playset every 2 years.

What if I move?
Call us . We move both residential and commercial playsets, basketball goals and trampolines all the time for our customers. Purchasing our equipment is a long term investment that can move with you. It can also be sold and we can move it and install it for the new owners. Yes, we offer complete tear down and re install service or we can just dismantle the playset for the moving company and provide you with an assembly manual if you are moving out of state.

Do you provide installation services?
We provide professional installation for all of the products we carry and a lot more. Just ask and we will give you an estimate.