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There are many reasons to buy basketball hoops from Bergfeld Recreation.

We Prioritize Both Safety and Quality in Our Basketball Goals

We test all our in-ground basketball systems ourselves, painstakingly going over every detail to ensure performance and safety. The nature of our premium pier mount anchor system, which uses extra-thick pier mount J -bolts and four pieces of reinforcing rebar to secure and stabilize the system, is exponentially more secure than a water- or sand-filled base, and you have no need to fear it tipping over.

Why We Care So Much

Basketball hoops handle a lot of abuse – the force of the ball hitting the backboard and the rim is stronger than you might think – so they need to be exceedingly durable.

Our in-ground basketball systems all come with tempered safety glass backboards, which are constructed through a special process of extreme heating and cooling which results in harder, more durable, and safer glass that provides a consistent rebound surface across the whole backboard. This glass is the same kind used by NCAA and NBA backboards, so you are receiving a product that carries the full trust of these lauded institutions. The glass itself is then finished with a full perimeter aluminum trim, which provides one more layer of added safety, stability, and security.

Steel Support

This is not all, however. Our systems are designed with a premium gusset support base plate: thick pieces of steel are strategically welded to the base of the pole, protecting against shaking and vibration that might damage the hoop or throw off high-intensity play.

Finally, our hoops themselves are designed with a bolt-to-bolt steel rim attachment that attaches directly to the steel behind the backboard, meaning that the rim never directly touches the glass and all shock is absorbed by the steel of the system.

Additionally, the hoops are outfitted with a dual spring safety breakaway rim. Two high-tension powder coated stainless steel springs allow the rim to “break away” or bend, before rebounding to its original position. This protects not only the system but also the players, allowing for high-impact play. The players’ hands are further protected by the hoops hide-away net, which eliminates the hooks and attachments that can cause finger and hand damage while remaining easier to replace than conventional “rams horn” rims.

Thousands of Basketball Hoop Installations

Bergfeld Recreation has handled thousands of installations at commercial institutions and private residences. We install basketball hoops that see dozens of games a day – and stand up to them with absolutely no problem. We can help you find a system that can handle a future All-Star, and we can set it up so it has the best chance of making it through multiple years of play.

Goals that Stand Up to Mother Nature

Hoops need to be able to withstand all types of weather outside. Our in-ground basketball systems are designed to handle all of that – and more – without buckling, teetering, or impacting the quality of play. The stainless steel hardware used in our basketball systems self-repairs from scratches created during installation or use, thanks to its chromium oxide film, and the goals are completely weather and rust-resistant, meaning there’s no need to worry about corrosion or damage due to the environment.

Beyond the hardware, our one-piece steel poles are 50% to 200% thicker than the industry standard, and, unlike much of our competition, each pole is cleaned of dirt, oils, or grease, before being galvanized or electroplated with a zinc coating, which is then finished off with a powder coat. The result? A pole that is safe, durable, and damage resistant, that can stand up to any level of weather, and any intensity of play.

Delivery and Installation, All in One

When it comes to your in-ground basketball system, your goals may include safety and performance. But how will you get that if you have a hard time installing the equipment? No more worrying that an error on your behalf will result in an unsteady, unstable system.

Our professionals can deliver the equipment to your home or playground and install it correctly so it’s as safe as possible.There’s no need to set aside a day for this either; our systems are efficient and easy to assemble, and our crews take pride in providing swift but safe installation. All of the benefits of our systems are available to you without you lifting so much as a finger.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Do you have questions? Do you need help selecting the right system for you? No question is too big or too small for us. You can always contact us to get the support you need. Just as you can trust us to have your back with safety and quality, if you’ve got any questions or concerns about our products, you can trust us to follow through and work with you to make sure you’re happy with your new system.

We Stand by Our Basketball Goals

We don’t just offer a blanket warranty and litter it with fine print and exceptions. We stand by our product. Our lifetime warranty ensures the security of your purchase, as every day for the past 20 years, our team has worked hard to ensure all our customers are not just happy, but are thrilled with the products we offer. If you have a concern, we will handle it, but we are confident in the safety, durability, and high performance of our products, and trust that your good judgment will be rewarded with a professional quality basketball system good for years of play.

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Compare our specs and price and you will see the Proformance Hoops are the clear choice with an industry leading limited LIFETIME WARRANTY!

We offer the top of the line basketball goals that come in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re looking to shoot some hoops in the driveway or train for the NBA, we’ve got the system for you.