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Parks are the best places because they have playsets, which bring the imagination of children to life and are full of laughter. But going to a park isn’t always an option, and having a playset in your backyard can give your child so much more growth than just going to a park.

At Bergfeld Recreation, we specialize in playsets and swingsets, and we design our playsets to enhance health, maintain safety, and have a high level of fun each and every day. Here’s how they do it.

Promoting Healthy Growth and Fun

Playsets can have many benefits, but Bergfeld Recreation playsets specialize in improving health as well as an overall level of fun. We design playsets with fun and simple activities, with options for slightly more challenging activities to drive your child out of their comfort zone and improve their self-esteem.

Cool and customizable designs also ensure the growth of critical thinking skills, as well as helping to build the immune system and strength.

Physical activity, in particular, is good for children, and many of the playsets Bergfeld Recreation installs feature slides, swings, ladders, and ramps – all of which strengthen your child and encourage growth.


Group Fun

If you have multiple children, Bergfeld Recreation’s playsets and swingsets also improve collaboration skills, and the ability to comprehend sharing. Many of the children who have reviewed Bergfeld’s playsets recall playing on them with their siblings, where their siblings helped them climb up a slide for the first time, pushed them on a swing, or they took turns sliding down the slide. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the health benefits of playsets haven’t been fully explored, so there can be much more not mentioned here.

A Safe Time

And while health is important, safety is even more essential.

Part of the reason parents don’t like the playsets at parks is that they’re of unknown make or quality.

Bergfeld Recreation’s playsets, however, are geared towards safety, and they rank 1st in safety in playsets in St. Louis.

Addressing Playset and Swingset Safety Concerns

The general concerns from parents in regards to playsets are typically concerns that the playset might come apart while their children play, or their child might get cut or have their clothes torn from pieces that are sharp or stick out. Bergfeld Recreation’s playsets are built to avoid all of those dangers.

Here are some of the ways Bergfeld playsets ensure safety:

Massive Solid Beam Construction

This is a type of beam that resists warping, cracks, and pest infestations. Unlike other playsets, this beam is solidly one type of wood, built so it won’t come apart or separate. It also isn’t wrapped in plastic, so the wood won’t shrink or rot like some other designs by other producers do. And, of course, as mentioned above, it’s naturally resistant to pest infestations. It’s also designed to support more weight, which allows older siblings or caretakers to enter the play area to assist or join in the fun. This also allows children who might have disabilities to play safely on the playset without causing guardians or caretakers alarm.

Interlocking Multi-Beam Joint Construction

This is a type of joint that significantly reduces dangerous sway on a playset. The bolts are strategically positioned to ensure stability from every angle, no matter how the playset is moved or played on.

It requires less maintenance, and reduces damage, as well as wear and tear, to the playset. The sturdiness enhances peace of mind.

Oxidized Hot-Dipped Galvanized Hardware

The name sounds like a mouthful, but this is the best type of hardware available for playsets. They’re designed in a three-step process that prevents rust, and they have corrosion-free fasteners everywhere. A Bergfeld playset doesn’t flake and ‘self-repairs’ from scratches. Because of this, it stays aesthetically pleasing year after year. The bolts themselves are half an inch in diameter, ensuring safety and stability. Best of all, the hardware is recessed into the wood, guaranteeing safety since there are no sharp edges or metal bits for children to injure themselves on or catch their clothes on. But even if they weren’t recessed into the wood, Bergfeld Reaction only uses smooth, snag-free hardware.

‘Gotcha’ Grips

This is a special type of rubber coating installed on all sets from PlayGround One, an industry leader in playsets and swingsets, that coats every handrail, ladder rung, safety handle, and trapeze bar with a non-slip, child-friendly rubber coating that is easy to hold and is comfortable to touch.

It helps ensure no accidents occur.

No-pinch fastenings

Every child has a memory of getting their finger caught or squashed in a public playground’s swing, right between the chain and the swing, or on the trapeze or tire swing.

No-pinch fastenings ensure that doesn’t happen. Bergfeld Recreation uses pinch-free safety swing capping on their swings, and tire chain connector cones on their tire swings to ensure no pinching occurs. They use similar fastenings on ladders, trapezes, and other amenities.

Double-Walled Safety Slides

Many slides that are sold by other playset distributors require metal bolts or wooden supports to help hold them in place. Some slides are even made of dangerous and sharp aluminum! Some of them don’t even have walls, meaning your child can fall, which gets increasingly dangerous the younger the child and the higher the height. As a result, Bergfeld Recreation only sells double-walled, plastic safety slides. The walls are built high enough to ensure children don’t fall off, and there are no internal or external metal bolts that a child might get caught on or injured.

Top-Quality Playsets & Swingsets

Bergfeld Recreation Playsets only use the best materials they can find, from galvanized hardware to 100% solid Pacific Cedar for the beams. All chains are dipped in a special vinyl that keeps the chains from getting too hot, too cold, or pinching hands, and the vinyl itself is resistant to damage, ensuring child safety for years.

The playsets themselves are warranted up to 10 years or even more, depending on the playset.

Simple Maintenance

The maintenance is relatively easy too. Every year, a playset requires power washing to get dirt and grime off and restaining.

Overall, Bergfeld Strives to be No. 1 in both quality and safety.

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