AlleyOOP Octagon Trampoline Kit

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The AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit is one of the top-selling accessories designed to make your trampoline experience better and more enjoyable. Made from durable, quality parts and rich with safety features, this kit lets you surround your round 12′ and 14′ round JumpSport Classic or AlleyOOP Sports Safety Enclosure System.

With the Octagon kit, you can change your trampoline into a full training center with a padded metal octagon net installation. Enjoy greater safety, more options for accessories and a new look with its easy installation. You’ll get a cleaner, more attractive look for your trampoline, and your system will be protected from the weather.

An All-Included Kit

The AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit has everything you need to get a stronger net installation for your trampoline. New end caps, eight durable metal poles, padding and clear instructions allow you to upgrade your trampoline easily. After you install this kit, you can use your trampoline with Arena Training Pads or the Trampoline Training Bag to give your household more options for exercise and fun on the trampoline.

If you’ve always wanted more for your trampoline, the AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit lets you get what you want. Keep your net tight and pulled taut to improve the look and performance of your trampoline, while also allowing you to use a range of trampoline accessories for even more fun.

The AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit is for individuals up to 250 pounds, and the outer shell with this kit is made from sturdy, weather-resistant PVC (High-tenacity Polyvinyl Chloride). Water- and UV-resistant, the outer shell helps the trampoline in your yard look its best for years to come.

AlleyOOP is one of the premiere trampolines for safety and performance, so it’s no surprise that the AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit delivers high quality and all the little details that ensure worry-free fun. Thick padding on each of the metal pools, as well as the pole caps, reduce the risk of injury. Meanwhile, the solid metal construction ensures no warping, buckling or breakage, even with high-octane play. The AlleyOOP Trampoline Octagon Kit lets trampoline users jump higher, challenge themselves more and play harder with peace of mind.

Transform your trampoline into the ultimate training center with our NEW padded metal octagon trampoline kit! Give your kids a stronger net installation and your backyard a cleaner look. Compatible with 12′ and 14′ round JumpSport Classic & AlleyOOP Trampolines. Includes 8 metal poles with padding and new end caps. Perfect when used with our Arena Training Pads & Trampoline Training Bag!

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