AlleyOOP Sunshade Canopy

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Trampoline Top Cover

Trampolines are a ton of fun, and it’s not unusual for kids to want to spend hours outside playing on them. In fact, children love trampolines so much that they often find lots of innovative uses for it, from treating it as a camping area to playing in it like it’s a basketball court. While you have lots of safety features on your trampoline to keep children playing safely hour after hour, are you keeping kids safe from the sun? With a trampoline canopy, you could be.

The Springfree Trampoline Shade Cover

This trampoline canopy fits on trampolines and keeps kids cool while offering protection from UV rays. As kids play on hot or sunny days, sunburns can be a risk. While you can apply sunscreen, it can sweat off quickly, and children may not remember to reapply. A trampoline top cover can keep the trampoline covered, so less sun gets through. This shade is made of UV-treated polyester and polyester mesh, so the material can offer some sun protection. It will not replace sunscreen, but it does add an extra layer of protection.

A trampoline shade cover also keeps the trampoline mat cooler, which can make rebounding more comfortable since the surfaces will not heat up as much. Also, kids can overheat quickly as they play and jump on a hot day. By keeping the trampoline area cooler, a cover can help them avoid overheating as fast while allowing for more comfortable play. With mesh windows, the shade still offers plenty of air circulation, which also helps keep the play area cooler. While overheating can still happen on hot days and careful supervision is always needed to ensure kids take breaks on hot days, this cover keeps the area just that much safer.

Kids love trampoline shades, too. It can turn a trampoline into a clubhouse or shaded fort on bright days, giving them a whole new way to play on their trampoline.

Benefits of a Quality Build

This trampoline shade is easy to install. On a sunny day, you can add it to the top of your trampoline in just five minutes, so you don’t have to cut into play time. Plus, there are other benefits, too. This shade keeps debris off the trampoline and prevents the mat surface from getting quite as dirty as children play, so there’s no need for breaks to tidy up. Just remove the shade in extreme weather such as snow, rain or high winds, and it will protect your trampoline for years to come.

Fits on any 12′ or 14′ JumpSport Classic, JumpSport Elite or AlleyOOP 8 pole enclosure system! Keep your kids cool! Turn your trampoline into a shaded Fort on hot sunny days. Soft top installs in 5 minutes for quick on and off so older kids can jump! Added bonus of keeping debris off the trampoline.

Superior Play Systems

If you have a trampoline and want this shade as well as other accessories to make your trampoline more fun and safer to use, Superior Play has a variety of choices. Drop by one of our convenient locations to see different trampoline setups or contact us to speak to our knowledgeable team. With decades of experience, our team can help you find the right shades, covers and accessories for your trampoline.