Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun

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Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun

This is the definition of FUN! The Playground One Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun offers slides, rockwalls, bridges, and towers to turn your backyard into the ultimate play area. Featuring an Extreme Corkscrew Slide, Extreme Tube Slide, 90° Tube Slide, and both an Extreme and Original Tube Slide, this playset has it all. With the added Tower and Bridge connector, you can easily move from slide to slide and race all day long. With the Playground One Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun, there is no limit to your fun!

Playset With Tube Slide

If you spent time playing on a playground as a child, you know the sheer excitement swinging, sliding and climbing around can bring. Active, outdoor play makes up an important part of any child’s development, and playsets make this type of play safe as well as fun.

Investing in a playset can encourage kids to spend time outside, teach important skills and give children fun activities to do together, regardless of age. If you’re looking for a quality playset with enough equipment to entertain a large group of youngsters, you’ll love this Playground One® playset with a tube slide from Superior Play Systems!

Plenty of Equipment to Get Everyone Involved

This huge playset has a variety of different areas and equipment types to engage kids with all sorts of interests and preferences. For active and adventurous kids, this playset features equipment for climbing, sliding, swinging, crawling and spinning. For kids who are a little more cautious, the playset also includes plenty of nooks to sit, set up a fort or play pretend.

With more than 40 square feet of deck space and multiple tunnel slides, this wooden swing set allows everyone to play together. Even in large groups, kids can enjoy the playset without having to continually wait for a turn. The amount and diversity of equipment on this playset helps ensure no one gets left out during playtime.

With this playset, kids can have fun using the following pieces of equipment:

  • Tube and Spiral slides
  • Rock walls with climbing ropes
  • A rope ladder
  • Belt swings
  • Knotted rope and disk
  • Trapeze bar
  • 360° tire swing
  • Crawl tunnel
  • Play ship’s wheel

Older adults in the family can get involved as well, thanks to a comfortable, shade-protected, three-in-one picnic table.

With so many activities to choose from, kids retain an interest in the playset tube slide for years, making it ideal for families as well as community playgrounds and daycare centers.

Safety Features Parents Love

As a parent or caregiver, you make your kids’ safety your top priority. At Superior Play Systems, we do the same. Like all Playground One® play equipment, this tube slide playset comes with a number of features to keep kids safe.

This playset’s safety starts with its construction. Playground One® uses solid timber cut into large, 4×6 beams to create playsets with unmatched structural integrity. This wooden swing set with tunnel slides also features 100% All Natural Premium Cedar, which splinters less than pine and North American timber and which resists pests for long-lasting stability. To further improve safety and weather-resistance, these playsets also use rust-proofed hardware.

In addition to solid construction, our tube slide playsets include a few smaller safety features that parents love, including safety handles to prevent falls and vinyl-dipped swing chains to protect against pinches and extreme temperatures. With this Playground One® playset, you can feel confident in your playground’s safety.

When You Want the Very Best

If you want the most exciting option playcenters can offer, the Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun has everything you need to turn any space into an exciting play area. There are bridges, towers, climbers, rock walls, slides, decks, swings and more.

Who Is the Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun For?

This wooden swing set with tunnel slide is ideal for anyone who needs to entertain lots of kids or for families with children of different ages. Everyone will find an activity they will love.

Also, if you want a durable, quality and safety-focused play area for young children that offers the most exciting play options and enriching activities, this playset with tube slide is a great selection.

The Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun has features such as:

  • Heavy Duty Canopy roof
  • Grip-n-go bar
  • Stepladder
  • Picnic table
  • Crawl tunnel
  • Wheel
  • Safety handles
  • Swing beam
  • Trapeze bar
  • Tire swing
  • Three belt swings
  • Two rock walls
  • Climbing ropes
  • Rope ladder
  • Step and rung ladder

It is customizable, too, so while it is thrilling on its own, you can also build it out.

The entire Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun is designed to keep kids playing for hours. With one activity leading to the next, kids will stay engaged for a long time. They may not realize they are getting exercise and participating in enriching activities while they play, either. Roofs made of wood and heavy canopies keep the sun away and help keep children more comfortable.

With a footprint of 39′ x 20′, this play center is ideal for those who have more space in their yard.

Why the Extreme Deluxe Tunnel-O-Fun?

This playcenter has many benefits. It is designed with engineer input for safety and meets or exceeds all relevant safety guidelines. Little details make this play equipment especially safety-focused. For example, the hardware is corrosion-resistant, and bolt fasteners are treated so there are no sharp edges. Swing chains are vinyl dipped to prevent pinching, and bars have no-slip texture to ensure a solid grip.

Best of all, this playcenter includes 100% all-natural solid timber cedar. This is an important feature since many parents prefer more sustainable wood products over petroleum-based equipment. Cedar has an additional benefit. It naturally repels mold, fungi, pests, and rot to keep your investment looking great and staying stable for longer. Since cedar is naturally pest- and rot-resistant, no harsh chemical treatment is needed. The solid timber adds even more security and durability to the play area.

Find the Perfect Play Equipment With Superior Play Systems

Playing on a high-quality playset can help kids develop important skills and bring families and friends closer together. Plus, it’s just fun! You can get this huge playset tube slide and other fun playground equipment from Superior Play Systems, your exclusive Playground One® retailer.

When you visit one of our showrooms, you can see this playset and try it out before you buy. Our knowledgeable designers can also help customize your playset to meet your unique needs. Shop online or visit your local Superior Play Systems showroom today to see what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.


Manufacturer Playground One
Product Size Huge
Deck Height 6 1/2 Feet
Playset Features Convertible Picnic Table, Crawl Tunnel, Dual Slides, Rockwall, Rope Ladder, Rotational Tire Swing, Wood Roof
Swingbeam Height 9 1/2 Feet
Slides 13 Foot, Multiple Slides
Deck Size Over 40 Sq Feet
Unique Designs Dream Your Own
By Series Supreme Series