Extreme Fort Hangout


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Extreme Fort Hangout

What can you expect with the Extreme Fort Hangout? The playhouse and fort with everything your kids need to stay active and entertained! With a 7.5-foot playdeck height, 15-foot Extreme Ride Super Slide, Lap Bevel Wood Roof, 10.5-foot high Swing Beam and a Lower Level Playhouse and Floor, you can take your backyard to the extreme. Dare to compare and find out once again why Playground One® will let your imagination fly.

A Variety of Activities for Enriching Play

The Extreme Fort Hangout is the ultimate outdoor play fort with a slide, equipped with a wide variety of activities to encourage active and imaginative play. The breadth of toys and activities helps ensure that no kid is left out during playtime. With this wooden play fort in their yard, your kids will never run out of exciting things to do.

Exercise and outdoor activity provide a great, healthy way for kids to practice moving and learn about their surroundings. This fort with a slide has plenty of structures to enable different kinds of movement, including swinging, sliding, balancing and climbing. Kids can forge their own way to the top of the tower, using a rock climbing wall, ladder or both.

With the Extreme Fort Hangout, your kids can enjoy exciting physical activities like:

  • Scaling a rock wall
  • Soaring on the swings
  • Sliding on the slide
  • Swinging on a trapeze bar
  • Spinning or climbing on a knotted rope with a disc


In addition to structures for active play, this outdoor play fort also encourages kids to get creative and use their imaginations. With a ship wheel and pair of binoculars in the top of the fort, your kids can be pirates sailing the seven seas, explorers discovering new wildlife in the jungle or superheroes in their secret hideout.

Below the upper-level deck, kids will find a playhouse perfect for more imaginative play. They can use the lower-level playhouse to play pretend, have a snack in the shade or simply take a break from the action.

Constructed for Maximum Safety

When you’re a parent, your kids’ safety is always your top priority. Playground One® playsets like this play fort with a slide are designed to keep kids safe during active play.

The Extreme Fort Hangout comes with a number of safety features to prevent injuries and keep everyone having fun. Handhold railings on the step ladder make it easier to climb, vinyl-dipped swing chains protect against pinched fingers and extreme heat or cold and tall, sturdy railings on the upper deck prevent falls.

Like all Playground One® play structures, the Extreme Fort Hangout is made from 100% All Natural Premium Pacific Cedar, which splinters less than pine and North American timber. We always use large beams made out of solid timber, never glued, to provide great stability and weight support so that your kids stay safe and you stay relaxed.

With impressive structural integrity and rust-proof hardware, we’ve made sure your kids can play safely on this fort for years to come.

Get the Perfect Fort From Superior Play Systems

If you’re looking for a playset that encourages active and imaginative play and has safety features you can trust to make sure everyone has fun, the Extreme Fort Hangout from Playground One® could be the perfect choice. To bring home this fort with a slide, reach out to your exclusive Playground One® retailer, Superior Play Systems.

At Superior Play Systems, we take both fun and safety seriously, and we’re committed to providing families like yours with excellent service. Our friendly staff can answer your questions, help you customize your play fort and even install it for you!

Order the Extreme Fort Hangout online today or visit your local Superior Play Systems showroom to see it before you decide.

Includes: Wood roof, 15′ extreme ride super slide, rockwall with climbing rope, step ladder with handrails, swing beam with 2 belt swings and knotted rope with disc, grip-n-go bar, accessory arm with trapeze bar, lower playhouse with floor   ships wheel and safety handles.

Footprint: L 21′ x W 23.5′
Overall Height: 14.5′
Deck Size: 5′ x 7.5′
Deck Height: 7.5′
Slide Length: 15′
Swingbeam Height: 10.5′
Construction: Pacific Cedar

100% All Natural Premium Cedar (Splinters less than pine and North American timber.)
Only solid timber for unmatched structural integrity
.  (We never use glued timbers.)
Larger 4×6 Timbers (Bigger beams can hold more moms and dads!)
Vinyl Dipped Safety Swing Chains
 (Protects fingers from pinching and insulates against extreme temperature.)
Rust Proofed Hardware
 (Dupont Dacromet® and Galvanized are the best.)


Manufacturer Playground One
Product Size Huge
Deck Height 7 1/2 Feet
Playset Features Cafe Table, Lower Level Enclosure, Rockwall, Wood Floor, Wood Roof
Swingbeam Height 10 1/2 Feet
Slides 15 Foot
Deck Size 26 to 40 Sq Feet
Unique Designs Fully Expandable
By Series Extreme Series