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Swing Set Glider

When you bought your child a swing set, you knew all the fun they had in store. Pumping their legs higher and higher as they rise into the air is one of the big thrills kids can have on a swing set. Doing it on a glider will make your child feel as though they’re skimming through the sky on a flying horse. They’ll feel the wind on their face and arch their backs as they keep going up.

Gliders provide excitement for children who are old enough to sit and pump their legs. The sensation of weightlessness they get at the top of the glider’s arc, followed by the swish as they glide back down, can occupy a child for hours. Gliders make every moment a child spends on the swing set happy and carefree. You can add this backyard staple to your child’s swing set when you purchase through Superior Play Systems.

The gliders we sell have optimal safety features. An updated version of the “horse” swing. Two children can work together and swing at the same time. Tough, molded polyethylene. Bring endless fun to the back yard with our new back-to-back Glider. Swing with Coated Chain! Made from durable molded plastic and comes with plastisol coated chain attached.

Molded plastic back-to-back Glider Includes 4 plastisol coated chains Intended for use by toddlers Weight limit 200 pounds total.

The Benefits of Buying One of Our Gliders for Your Swing Set

Our playset glider swing teaches kids how to cooperate on the playground. It doesn’t function properly unless the kids work together. Pumping their legs in tandem, in opposite directions, they can get the glider to swing back and forth. They’ll feel excited at their accomplishment and eager to try again.

Gliders also teach kids independence. They find out that they can do something that looks difficult at first. You may need to offer a bit of initial encouragement, but they’ll quickly adapt and become pros. The advantages of adding a swing set glider to your back yard also include:

  • Excellent durability: Kids’ equipment demands longevity, and the swing set gliders we have for sale are made with the best materials to last for a long time.
  • Flexibility: You can add two gliders to a swing set or put one next to a swing or trapeze, giving your playground an entirely new look with just one small change.
  • Safety: All the equipment we sell has been tested for safety, and you can feel secure about using it in your yard.

Superior Play Systems always puts the well-being of children before everything else. We set high standards for parts and components, and our warranties are the best in the industry.

Find Swing Set Gliders for Sale From Superior Play Systems

Are you ready to upgrade your swing set with a new glider? Visit your nearest Superior Play Systems location to see our gliders in person. When you do, you can touch the plastic and feel the playground equipment in your hands to appreciate its impressive sturdiness. When you buy from Superior Play Systems, you’ll get equipment made to our high standards.

You’ll also receive the incredible customer service that we’ve become known for. Our associates will assist you through every step in the buying process and answer all your questions about installation, delivery and pricing. Give your kids a fun new way to play — buy our playset glider swing today or contact us for more information.


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