Jumpsport 14′ Staged Bounce

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The Jumpsport 14” trampoline is ideal for backyards with kids. This high bounce trampoline has 96 high-performance springs to provide the most responsiveness. Each spring is supple, ensuring fewer injuries than trampolines with traditional stiff springs. With UV protection and 10 rows of stitching, the Jumpsport 14 StagedBounce trampoline is created to last, even with heavy use.

High Bounce Trampoline Fun

Kids love to play big, and this trampoline offers ample room with a mat of 113 square feet of play space. The mat has no grommets. Instead, it uses steel v-rings and looped straps for added safety and stability while protecting against tears.

A steel “DD” Sure-Lok™ system ensures the frames won’t warp or twist, offering better safety. A full padding made of quality foam and covered with a water-resistant PVC shell keeps your trampoline safer and keeps it looking newer longer, even with weather exposure.

This trampoline is designed with input from professionals and is carefully tested in real-world conditions. It meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards and gets rave reviews from families. Even kids, the toughest critics of all, adore this trampoline for the hours of fun it delivers. Children love bouncing, leaping high and playing games on the trampoline alone and in groups. Good sight lines ensure you can keep a close eye during all play.

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Our Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance Springs are 8.5-inch long, zinc-plated steel. The 12′ trampoline has 80 High-Performance Springs and the 14′ trampoline has 96 High-Performance Springs. Our springs provide excellent bounce with less injury potential than the stiffer, harder landing you get on someone else’s trampoline using shorter, lower quality springs. Our mat has 10 rows of stitching and a UV shield (compared to just 4 rows of stitching and no UV shield on most other brands). The mat offers approximately 113 square feet of play space. We use high strength looped straps and steel V-rings for connecting the springs. Never buy a trampoline mat with grommets that are punched through the fabric… A very poor design that causes the mat to tear and fail prematurely.  All of our JumpSport® trampolines include our patent pending all steel “DD” Sure-Lok™ system to prevent the frame from twisting and deforming. Other manufacturers build their frames with slip-fit (male/female) pieces that rotate and twist open over time causing the frame to become loose and wobbly, or even break.  The frame pad is blue in color, over 13.75 inches wide, and 1 inch thick at the frame tapering to half an inch.  Expanded polyethylene (EPE), closed-cell foam padding is used across the entire pad surface, not just at the edge. The foam is covered by a High-tenacity Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) outer shell that is UV- and water-resistant. Other manufacturers use a cheap tarp material to cover the foam, which falls apart very quickly.  12′ maximum single-user weight rating up to 240 lbs.* (Real world testing to a combined weight of over 700 lbs!)


Manufacturer Jumpsport
Trampoline Shape Round
Trampoline Size 14 ft