Original Playcenter Combo 2


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Is This Swing Set With Slide Right for You?

Play systems are a space-saving and economical way to get hours of fun with a small footprint. Instead of finding all the right playground equipment and making sure it fits together, a full set ensures everything coordinates and provides kids with enriching fun. The Original Playcenter 2 is a space-saving choice that may make sense for you. It includes:

  • A 10’ wave slide. Kids can have a blast sliding down the slide. The bright, textured plastic appeals to a child’s sense of vision and touch and provides an enriching activity.
  • Climbers. With a rock wall and climbing rope, rope ladder and ladder with handrail, kids have plenty of ways to get to the ladder and lots of options when it comes to exploring heights. Climbing leads to a deck where they can play, the slide and other climbers, so there’s plenty of payoffs.
  • Shade. A sturdy canopy roof keeps out the sun so kids can play for hours while staying cooler.
  • Movement equipment. A tire swing, swing beam and trapeze bar keep kids moving and exploring new activities for hours. These forms of movement also help build strength, coordination and confidence, so children stay active while enjoying other benefits, too.
  • Steering wheel. Kids can pretend they are racing, steering a ship or anything else their imaginations can come up with!
  • Enriching activities. The Original Playcenter 2 is meant to be fun, but it also helps kids with development. As children move, they get physical exercise and physical development benefits. By cultivating independence and confidence, the playset fosters emotional growth. Kids can also learn sharing, turn-taking and negotiating with others when using this playset, helping them build social skills.
  • Inclusive activities. The Original Playcenter 2 is great for children of various ages and skill levels. Children can use climbers in different ways and play in one space.
  • Quality construction. Solid beam construction and sturdy metal hardware ensure this playground lasts for years, even with daily use. This play set meets or exceeds all relevant safety guidelines.
  • Everything kids need for fun. This playset contains everything needed for hours of fun. Children don’t get bored as they explore slides, climbers and other activities that spark the imagination and keep them moving. This playset takes the guesswork out of playgrounds by combining classic and fun play features in one solid system. You can have a complete playground or use this as the backdrop for a larger play area you build out.

Are you wondering whether a trampoline, swing set combo or other playground equipment is right for you? Superior Play Systems has a huge selection of playground equipment and accessories, allowing you to build the play area you’ve always dreamed of. Browse the options or contact us to find out how Original Playcenter 2 can help you create the ideal playground.


Includes: Heavy duty canopy roof, 10′ wave slide, rockwall with climbing rope, rope ladder, step/rung ladder with handrails, swing beam with 2 belt swings and rope with disc swing, accessory arm with trapeze bar, 360° tire swing, ships wheel and safety handles.

Footprint: L 22′ x W 12′
Overall Height: 11′
Deck Size: 4′ x 6′
Deck Height: 5′
Slide Length: 10′
Swingbeam Height: 8′
Construction: Pacific Cedar

100% All Natural Premium Cedar (Splinters less than pine and North American timber.)
Only solid timber for unmatched structural integrity
.  (We never use glued timbers.)
Larger 4×6 Timbers (Bigger beams can hold more moms and dads!)
Vinyl Dipped Safety Swing Chains
 (Protects fingers from pinching and insulates against extreme temperature.)
Rust Proofed Hardware
 (Dupont Dacromet® and Galvanized are the best.)


Manufacturer Playground One
Product Size Medium
Deck Height 5 Feet
Playset Features Rockwall, Rope Ladder, Rotational Tire Swing
Swingbeam Height 8 Feet
Slides 10 Foot
Deck Size Up to 25 Sq Feet
Unique Designs Unlevel Yard Solution
By Series Original Series