Pirate Boat Swing

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Features: Space for multiple children to play Large basket-like “seat”. Heavy duty, stainless steel construction

Ahoy, matey! Let your younger kids set sail for the high seas. Not for landlubbers, this playground boat is beautifully designed to be flexible for all kinds of imaginative play. Designed for younger kids out of a fabric material, this playground boat can be a pirate boat, canoe, ship, magic carpet or anything else your kids can dream up.

Made with soft material and soft rope instead of chains, this swing is gentle on small hands. At the same time, it’s sturdy enough to get multiple children on board and allow them to play together while they work on social development.

A boat swing set is a great addition to any playground because it’s an innovative take on a traditional swing. With this swing, kids can do many things:

  • They can pretend they are in a boat together.
  • They can practice social skills by “rowing” or “steering” the ship together.
  • They can place objects in the swing, such as favorite stuffed toys, and swing the toys. Since the swing is a basket, nothing will fall out.
  • They can rock their favorite toys to sleep.
  • They can use the “boat” to play house and pretend the swing is a crib.

Since there are no pirate insignias or logos around, kids are free to use their imaginations. A sturdy bright orange edge at the end of each side ensures kids can hold on while they swing. Since the swing is in the shape of a basket, kids can swing higher without parents worrying about tumbles. A sturdy metal bar around the top helps give the boat its shape and gives children something sturdy to hang onto.

Children of All Ages and Abilities Can Sail the High Seas

This swing boat is great for inclusive playgrounds. Since it’s a basket shape, kids who may have trouble sitting up in traditional swings may be able to swing around on the boat. This allows kids of different ages and abilities to enjoy the sun, fun and movement of a swing.

Like all Playground One!® swings, this one is designed to last for years. The sturdy fabric is easily cleanable, has a soft green material and is designed to withstand all kinds of weather without fraying, rotting or falling apart. The sturdy rope stays looking newer for longer. For years, you can continue to use this without worrying about cracks, warping or disintegration of the material.

The boat slide can be used alone or as part of a complete playset. Playground One!® designers can even work with you to create a custom playset involving this swing. Just contact one of our representatives or designers to talk about your plans and we’d be happy to help you put together the perfect playset for kids of any age to play.


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