Powerbounce Kit


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PowerBounce Kit

Are you looking for more bounce with your trampoline?  Add our powerbounce kit to most trampolines and increase the bounce on your trampoline.

Who Can Benefit From a PowerBounce Trampoline System?

A power bounce trampoline from AlleyOOP uses patented triple-stage, dual-spring assemblies to improve the bounce of your trampoline. Every assembly has a PowerArm fitting and two high-performance springs. The top spring locks the PowerArm to the V-ring and the bottom spring attaches to the PowerArm’s middle, top or bottom setting. Together, these assemblies give you more bounce.

You may want AlleyOOP PowerBounce trampoline assemblies if:

  • You have had your trampoline for a while and want an extra challenge. If you’re an experienced trampoline user and want something a little new, PowerBounce lets you experience your trampoline in a different way. You get a new experience on your trampoline without having to invest in a whole new trampoline. If you need a shakeup in your routine, try PowerBounce. 
  • You’re in great shape and want to go higher. PowerBounce lets you go higher and harder, so it’s perfect for athletes and those with a little thrill-seeking bent. If you want to take your trampoline practice to the next level, PowerBounce is a great way to do so.
  • You need more bounce for your trampoline use. If you’re practicing trick shots, basketball or competitive moves on your trampoline, PowerBounce allows for more flexibility and options from your existing trampoline.

Power Bounce Trampoline

AlleyOOP power bounce trampoline springs in this kit offer you a chance to power up your trampoline to take play to new heights. Whether you want more of a challenge or wish to achieve the highest, most responsive bounces possible, the AlleyOOP PowerBounce trampoline lets you install the easy-to-use springs you need to enjoy a whole new level of performance.

Where to Buy Trampoline Springs

Not all trampoline springs are made the same. While many stores carry general trampoline springs, AlleyOOP springs are designed by JumpSport to very high standards. In fact, these springs are made from the same material as piano wire and are among the toughest and longest-stretching in the industry. The longer stretch means a smoother and better bounce, so you can challenge yourself, try cool new moves and still go easy on your joints and body.

When considering springs for your trampoline, consider that springs have the most direct impact on your experience. Do not purchase springs designed for a grommet system, as this system is less safe and can lead to tearing and to falls. Always look for high-quality springs that stretch as far as possible, giving you the highest bounce and smoothest landing.

AlleyOOP springs from JumpSport are also built to last. In fact, these springs are carefully engineered and tested to last for millions of bounces. Sturdy enough to handle playtime and multiple trampolines, these springs help you customize and change up your trampoline to give it a bit more “oomph.”

Get Reliable Trampoline Springs From Superior Play Systems

Superior Play Systems makes it easy to buy the top springs in the industry. You simply won’t find springs that are stretchier and sturdier, and we allow you to order online to have them delivered right to your door. Everything you need to install is included in the package, so you can set up a whole new trampoline experience without ever leaving the house.

When you buy trampoline springs, what kind of service do you enjoy? At Superior Play, we offer exceptional customer service to ensure you get the right play experience. Have questions? Our experienced team has decades of experience, so we can help. Want to see our trampolines in action? Visit our convenient location to see full setups and choose the accessories, springs and trampolines that are right for you.

Don’t leave trampoline springs to chance — they make trampolines safe, and the right springs can reduce jarring, uncomfortable lands. The AlleyOOP springs from JumpSport give you some of the best safety features and quality in the industry, so you get higher jumps, longer-lasting performance and smoother bounces, year after year. If you’re ready to make trampolining even more exciting, try the PowerBounce kit today to see what a difference quality springs can make.

Wondering whether PowerBounce is right for your trampoline and for your needs? Superior Play Systems can help. Check out PowerBounce and buy directly from the site or contact us for advice and suggestions to help you make the most of your trampoline.

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