PROforce 554

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Product Features:

5” x 5” Square Support Pole
54” x 36” x 3/8″ Glass Backboard
2.5’ Clearance from Support pole to backboard
Height adjustable from 7.5ft to 10ft
2″ Square Structural Steel Backboard Frame
Core Connected Rim
NBA Style See Through Backboard
Static Rim
Stainless Steel Hardware
Optional backboard edge pad and pole pad
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty


Manufacturer Proformance Hoops Basketball Goals
Backboard Size 36″ x 54″
Tempered Glass Thickness 3/8”
Pole Size 5″ x 5″
Steel Thickness 11 Gauge
Height Range 7.5ft. to 10ft
Height Adjustment Single Cylinder with Gear Box
Undercoat Electroplated Zinc
Hardware Stainless Steel
Rim Dual Spring Breakaway with Hide-away net attachment
Overhang (at 10ft) – 2.5ft.
Weight 314 lbs