PROview® 554

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Product Features:

5” x 5” Support Pole
54” x 36” x ½” Regulation Glass Backboard
3’ Clearance from Support pole to backboard
Height adjustable from 6ft to 10ft
Core Connected Rim
Power Arc 90™ Lift Assist
NBA Style See Through Backboard
Bolt to Steel- Dual Spring Rim
Stainless Steel Hardware
Optional backboard edge pad and pole pad
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty


Manufacturer Proformance Hoops Basketball Goals
Backboard Size 36″ x 54″
Tempered Glass Thickness 1/2”
Pole Size 5″ x 5″
Steel Thickness 7 Gauge
Height Range 6ft to 10ft
Height Adjustment Power Arc 90® Lift Assist
Undercoat Hot Dipped Galvanized
Hardware Stainless Steel
Rim Dual Spring Breakaway with Hide-away net attachment
Overhang (at 10ft) – 3ft.
Weight 455 lbs