Super Ride Spiral Slide

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Super Ride Spiral Slide

The Super Ride Spiral Slide offers the benefit of an enclosed slide from a 7ft deck height. With a complete 270° degree slide, you can now get a tube slide that offers a great ride from a higher deck height. Designed for adults as well as children, everybody can enjoy this slide.

Why the Super Ride Spiral Slide?

This 7 ft deck height slide is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a great play adventure. This super tube slide playcenter has several advantages:

  • It offers a small footprint but lots of exciting activities. This playcenter builds vertically, so you can have more thrilling play, even if you have a smaller play area.
  • The thrill is in the design. Sliding from a 7 ft deck is exciting for kids and builds their confidence. At the same time, the closed tube and double wall keep them safe as they slide.
  • This slide is inclusive. Sturdy enough for even an adult to use, this fort with slides can be used by kids of all ages and abilities. Easy access from all sides and solid construction mean that even children who need a little extra help get to take part. Kids can participate in any activity that is exciting to them, and there’s even a quiet space for any child who gets overwhelmed.
  • It gives kids more time on the slides. Let’s face it. Slides are usually the star of any playground area. Kids line up to go on a slide. The speed and height are just thrilling. Since that’s the case, why not give children not one but three slides? And why not offer one of those slides from a higher deck, for a longer and more exciting time? This is exactly the thinking behind the Super Ride Spiral Slide.
  • This slide comes with terrific safety details. No-slip texture on bars and grips, anti-corrosion treatment on hardware, treatment for bolts to ensure no sharp edges and no-pinch swing chains let you breathe a sigh of relief. This playcenter not only meets all relevant safety guidelines, but it has been designed by engineers for quality and safety. There’s even a heavy canvas roof to protect kids from the sun.
  • The Super Ride Spiral Slide is enriching. There are many activities on this playset to help children build emotional skills, social skills, core strength, balance and more. Kids get real benefits while they have fun and play.
  • This slide is beautiful. With natural cedar, bright colors and a striped roof, this playcenter looks great in any yard and stays looking its best thanks to weather-resistant powder coating and other protective features. This piece is an asset to any space.

Working With Superior Play Systems

If you want to buy the Super Ride Spiral Slide, Superior Play Systems can help. We allow you to order online easily, and we offer delivery and installation so you can get down to the serious business of fun! Be sure to visit a local showroom to try out the Super Ride Spiral Slide or other play equipment or to speak with one of our friendly professionals about your play equipment ideas. Our goal is to help you get a play area you’re thrilled with.

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Manufacturer Playground One