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Tall Swing Set

Getting your kids to be active can be difficult, especially if you have limited space for outdoor play. If you’ve ever taken your kids to play on the swings at a playground, however, you know getting them to stop swinging can be an even bigger challenge!

Believe it or not, swinging on a swing set is a great way for a child to get physically fit and develop important skills. Plus, soaring into the air on a swing provides practically endless enjoyment for kids and adults of all ages.

A high-quality swing set can bring many benefits to your family’s backyard. The Swing Gym from Playground One® is a tall swing set your kids can use to exercise safely while having tons of fun.

The Many Benefits of Swing Sets

For kids and adults alike, swinging on a swing set offers fun and even relaxing movement. However, swinging on a swing also provides many other benefits, including:

  • Body awareness: The light pressure applied to the joints while swinging can help improve body awareness, or understanding of where parts of the body are in relation to each other and in space.
  • Motor planning: Swinging requires a good deal of coordination and motor planning. When kids learn to pump their legs to get higher in the air, they learn how to coordinate their movements and maintain their balance.
  • Heightened focus: Like any kind of exercise, swinging can increase blood flow and release endorphins. For kids, this process means that a short session of swinging can improve their ability to pay attention and focus on other tasks.
  • Teamwork: Kids often play on the swings with siblings and friends. They might swing as a social activity, chatting and inventing games and competitions. They might also use swinging to practice teamwork by taking turns pushing each other.


Considering the physical and developmental benefits of swing sets, it’s no surprise that this type of playground equipment is popular with parents as well as kids.

The Swing Gym swing set from Playground One® comes with its own benefits. Constructed out of 100 percent solid cedar beams for safe swinging, this tall swing set will fit in almost any yard, even if you cannot fit a traditional playset in the same space. Featuring a 7′ tall swing beam that measures 12 feet long and 12 feet wide, it boasts room for three swing options.

Build the Perfect Swing Set

If you’re thinking about getting a tall swing set for your family, the Swing Gym could be a perfect fit. Superior Play Systems, your exclusive Playground One® retailer, can help you customize your swing set to meet your needs.

Though this 12-foot swing set is shown with a three-position swing beam, two belt swings and a trapeze, you can choose to mix and match with other options such as tire swings or bucket swings.

At Superior Play Systems, our friendly staff can answer your questions, help you choose a swing set that’s suitable for your needs and even install it for you, so shopping for play equipment can be a fun, stress-free experience for you and your kids. You can get this tall swing set online today or visit your local Superior Play Systems showroom to see it before you buy and discover what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.


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