Weather Cover

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The ONLY weather cover you can use without removing your JumpSport or AlleyOop Sports safety enclosure! Easy to use one-piece design uses Velcro®-like material and buckles to secure to the trampoline. Lays across bed of trampoline and easily installs around each of the enclosure poles. Protects your trampoline bed and safety pad against harmful UV rays Made of Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Polyester – the same material used with many Outdoor Marine Canvas and Commercial Awnings! Keeps leaves and other debris off of trampoline Fits only 14 foot round trampolines Protect your investment!

The Advantages of Having a Trampoline With a Cover

Want to be able to keep your trampoline outdoors without worrying about debris like falling leaves getting in? Want to be ableto avoid packing up your trampoline every time it rains? Interested in keeping your investment looking better for longer and performing at its optimum best, season after season? If so, you need a trampoline cover.

Our trampoline cover works with the most popular 10’x17’ and 14’ round trampolines. This is also the only trampoline enclosure cover on the market that doesn’t require you to remove the JumpSport® or AlleyOOP® Sports safety enclosure, saving you plenty of time. Just install the cover, and you can keep bouncing and rebounding without worrying about the weather.

Our cover protects the trampoline’s safety pads best, which are the most critical parts of the trampoline for performance and safety against the elements. You don’t have to worry about UV rays fading the fabric or causing cracks or damage.

Do I Need a Cover for My Trampoline?

If you have a trampoline with a safety enclosure, this is the cover for you — it’s is the only model designed to protect your trampoline without requiring you to remove the enclosure each time.

You can benefit from a cover for your trampoline in many ways. With a cover, your trampoline can stay outdoors all season long, without you having to drag it inside before the seasons change. The cover helps you avoid big cleanups by keeping leaves, branches and other debris out. After it rains, you can avoid standing water and puddles on your mat. Plus, when you want to play on the trampoline, the pad and mat are already clean, so you can get right to playing.

A cover can also help keep pests and animals off of the trampoline mat, which can prevent surprises and keep your trampoline ready for use at a moment’s notice. Your trampoline will also last longer if nothing can get in.

Fast, Simple Protection of Your Investment

This cover has a simple one-piece design, making it easy to install and remove. When you’re ready to stop play, just use the buckles and Velcro®-like material to place the cover over the trampoline and enclosure. The cover lays on the bed of the trampoline and goes around each pole. When you’re ready to play again, it’s easy to remove, letting you spend more time enjoying fresh air and exercise.

The cover itself is designed to stand up even to the harshest weather. In fact, it’s made from the same material as marine canvas and commercial awnings. The Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Polyester can last for years without fading or showing damage from the rain. Once the snow and ice show up, you’ll still need to take your trampoline inside. But until then, this cover lets you enjoy exercise and play month after month with less hassle.