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High-Tech Putting Greens

Think artificial turf is all the same? You are in for a pleasant surprise! Bergfeld Recreation’s line of putting greens represents a huge leap forward for backyard golfing. Our greens resist heat, look like natural grass, and feel great to walk on.

• Heat Block™
Through advanced technology, Bergfeld Recreation putting greens stay 17.5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than other putting greens on the market. This innovative feature means you or the golfers in your family can enjoy a comfortable playing experience, even on the hottest of days.

The green’s cooling properties come from cutting-edge Heat Block™ technology and are highly effective, making it the perfect choice for avid golfers who are looking for an exceptional putting experience.

• Shine Block™
Shine Block™ reduces the shine on the “grass” blades of Bergfeld’s putting greens, resulting in a look that remarkably mimics natural grass. This significant breakthrough in backyard golfing provides players with a more authentic playing experience.

The reduction of shine on the blades is achieved through a sophisticated manufacturing process, which ensures that the fibers are precisely cut and positioned to create a natural, non-reflective look. Our greens look great and enhance the golfing experience by making it feel more like playing on a natural grass surface.

• TruRoll Infill System
Golf enthusiasts love our TruRoll infill system. With it, we can create a putting green in your backyard that feels like you are walking on a green at a professional course. The tour-quality softness feels natural and makes your putts roll as they would on a real green.

The TruRoll infill system takes your practice to the next level by ensuring a consistent and reliable surface through a specially formulated blend of materials evenly distributed throughout the putting green.

With the TruRoll infill system, our artificial putting green is the perfect alternative to a real grass putting green, offering the same quality and performance without the maintenance requirements.

With these high-tech features, our putting green sets the standard for the future of backyard golfing.

“Good work. Reliable. You get what you want without the extra nonsense. Good for people who just need the work done and don’t have time to worry about anything.”

– Alex O.

60 Years of Family Fun

As a mainstay of St. Louis for over 60 years, Bergfeld Recreation has made lifetime memories by installing the highest-quality, longest-lasting equipment around. We are proud of the trust our neighbors place in us, with over 10,000 playsets installed in the area.

We customize our installations to fit your needs, which makes our putting greens the perfect addition to any St. Louis backyard. Our backyard equipment installation expertise means you will get the perfect putting green for the unique topography of your property.

Trust a family-operated company that has been in business in the area since the 1960s. Chuck Bergfeld, our founder, learned the ins and outs of outdoor recreational equipment in the early 1960s. Shortly after graduating from college, he set out on his own, starting Bergfeld Recreation. In the 1980s, he expanded the business by offering commercial-grade trampolines, basketball hoops, and residential wooden playlists. Today, Chuck’s daughter, Christy, and Second Mile Service continue to uphold Chuck’s legacy by providing high-quality play and sports equipment to the St. Louis community.

“Customer service is what sold me with these guys. They knew I couldn’t buy immediately, but they went through the process regardless, educated me till I felt like I could do it myself. I came back and it was like old friends helping me set this up for little ones. Thanks again guys!!”

– Gage S.

Unbeatable Customization for Your Putting Green

Our modular products offer you the opportunity to customize your putting green to your exact specifications. Pick from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the unique requirements of your property. You control the conditions at all times.

Want to practice more than putting? We install greens that work as putting surfaces, as well as practice sets for your short game. You can even install a Par 3 hole on your property. Whatever aspect of your short game you want to work on, our synthetic green surfaces can help.

A customized putting green is fun for the whole family and adds value to your property. Get the statement piece your backyard has been waiting for by contacting Bergfeld Recreation today.

Practice Time, Whenever You Want It

Take your game to the next level without the inconvenience of practicing at a golf course. When you install a Bergfeld Recreation putting green in your backyard, you can work on your short game whenever you want. Because of our state-of-the-art technology, your practice putts will simulate the real game as well as any tour-quality course’s putting greens.

Imagine the hassle-free experience of grabbing your putter and stepping out onto the green without even leaving your property. Practice putts for as long as you like without having to worry about hogging the green. Eliminate the annoying to-and-from travel and the hassle of dealing with course availability. You will get far more playing time with far less heartburn with a putting green on your property.

“If you buy from Bergfeld you will get quality, safety and service along with a product that should last for decades. I highly recommend them.”

– James J.

Low-Maintenance, All-Season Performance

The thing homeowners love most about our putting greens is that they can use them in any season and do not have to maintain them as much as grass greens. Regardless of the weather, your putting green is always there for you.

With natural grass greens, several factors impact maintenance requirements. Drought, heavy rains, and extreme temperatures can cause problems for even the heartiest grass varieties. In addition, you may find weeds and lawn diseases creeping in. You do not want your putting green to be a gardening project! Turf greens do not need to be mowed, weeded, or fertilized, and they do not attract pests, making them the perfect choice.

In addition to being low-maintenance, our turf greens are also consistent. All the things that create maintenance problems for grass greens lead to major play issues. Natural greens become inconsistent over time, with uneven surfaces developing with each new landscaping issue that pops up. You want a reliable surface that only runs the way you want it to at all times. Our pristine putting surfaces keep their shape for much longer than natural greens.

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Compare our specs and price and you will see our putting greens are the clear choice with industry-leading technology!

We offer the top of the line putting greens that provide fun for the whole family.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the system for you.

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