Why Buy From Bergfeld?

Are you looking for the best valued playset or swing set with unsurpassed quality, durability and safety?  There’s no shortage of playsets and swing sets out there. we get it.  Trying to compare systems, prices and features quickly means information overload.  It’s why we at Bergfeld like to keep it simple!  What makes us different? 

Let’s take a look at our product benefits:Manchester Rd Location

  1. MASSIVE SOLID BEAM CONSTRUCTION – We do not use anything but 100% pacific cedar solid beams throughout every one of our play sets. You will not find multi-layers of smaller timbers laminated or glued together. Pacific Cedar resist warping and cracking, and is naturally resistant to pest infestations, fungus and decay, so it does not require any harmful chemical treatments.
  2. MULTI BEAM JOINT HARDWARE CONNECTIONS –  Our solid beams are inter-connected using corrosion resistant, HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED RUST PROOF hardware ensuring that all joints hold their structural integrity for the life of your play set. Tight joints equal less sway, enhanced stability for years of safe, fun imaginative play.
  3. CUSTOMIZABLE – Our systems are customizable, so you can pick and then add the features you want.  Without browsing through thousands of catalogs, you still get the unique play experience you want for your children.
  4. SAFETY – We take safety to a “mom” level.  Our moms always told us to be careful, and we’ve taken that to heart by adding layers of safety to each Playground One product.  From multi-beam joint connections to self-locking industrial connectors, our playsets and swings can take everything any child can throw at them and still keep kids safe.
  5. DESIGN – We design playsets and swings the way kids play.  All our products are tested by engineers, and most importantly, approved by kids – our toughest critics.  Our products are crafted to not only be sturdy enough to pass onto your great-grandchildren, but also to encourage fitness, fun, family time and creativity.
  6. SELECTION – Incredible Selection ,Exceptional Service and Professional No Hassle Installation.
  7. WARRANTY – Bergfeld offers a Lifetime to 10 Year warranty on all wooden components.  When comparing warranties from different companies you should pay attention to the fine print.  If you’re unsure how warranties compare… ASK US

Bergfeld Goals:

  1. To create equipment that keeps kids safe while they play.
  2. To create customizable equipment that is inclusive, accessible and reflects how individual children want to play.
  3. To create the highest quality equipment – made with solid beam construction, hot dipped galvanized steel rods, hot dipped galvanized bolt fasteners, nonslip dimples and powder coated rods.
  4. To inspire play, imagination and all the magic of childhood.
  5. To offer our clients and customers the ultimate customer service and play experience possible.

install guy

Playgrounds 101

Knowledgeable, professional and responsive… 
Bergfeld Recreation is here to guide you through every step of the process.
Bergfeld customers consistently rank us high on customer service because our professionals “do whatever it takes” to make sure that you have a wonderful playground and enjoy the purchasing experience too! 
Step 1: Plan your playground with an expert 
At no cost or obligation, a Bergfeld Recreation professional will work with you to conduct a needs assessment to determine the best product for your desires. He or she will work with you to create the perfect buying experience.
Step 2: Design with a difference 
Watch your playground spring to life. Your Bergfeld Recreation professional will listen closely to your needs to help you design a customized play system that’s uniquely yours.
Step 3: Better Products by Bergfeld Recreation
Bergfeld Rec has selected the top manufacturers and suppliers in our family of brands. Each and every company that Bergfeld has partnered with is one that excels in delivering the highest levels of product quality and customer service.
Step 4: Receive your playground when you need it 
Once you place your order, the Bergfeld Rec team works quickly to get your playground to you when you need it.  From beginning to end, we work with you throughout the whole process.
Step 5: Install with ease 
Our Installation team provides professional assembly in a quick and timely manner.
Step 6: Service after the sale 
Great service means more than just meeting your needs until the playground is in the ground.  It requires going the extra mile and being there to serve you long after installation. Bergfeld Recreation and our industry-leading warranties stand the test of time for generations to come.

How to Purchase a Play Set?

Pricing & Comparing:  We have ALL our pricing online unlike most specialty playset dealers.  We do this for the convenience of our customers and because we are confident that our product quality and price is unmatched in the industry.  Our 56 years of knowledge enables us to compare our playsets to any other playsets that you might be considering.  We are happy to answer any questions and do any product comparisons so you get the best product for your family. Just ask!

See It, Touch It, Play On It:

Play Sets are very difficult to review & compare online. Playset pictures online may look good and the price is good but the quality is bad. Mass Market internet manufactures cut costs wherever they can to keep the prices down and there margins up which greatly defeats the quality of all its components. Whenever possible “See it, Touch it, Play on it” before you decide to purchase.